Weather in Mallorca in October

Is October a good time to visit Mallorca?

October is the rainiest month in Mallorca. While temperatures are still relatively high and the weather is warm, the thunderstorms during October may dampen holiday spirits a little. Mallorca’s beaches and coastal towns tend to experience rainy weather every three or four days during October. The inland regions, particularly the mountainous regions, get the most rain in October. While some days are warm, October is not the best time to travel to Mallorca. However it is a good month to go to Mallorca for those looking for cheap off-season rates and great flight deals.


Climate in Mallorca in October

The climate in Mallorca in October changes dramatically for autumn on the island. The beautiful warm summer days of September in short supply as the autumnal rains begin. Average temperatures remain relatively warm at between 13 and 19°C (54 to 67°F). Sea temperatures in Mallorca also remain comfortable at 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit) in October.  However precipitation increases and visitors to Mallorca during October can expect between seven and ten rainy days throughout the month. Hours of daylight in October also decrease to just below 7 hours of sunshine each day.


What’s on in Mallorca in October

Despite the thunderstorms and change in weather in Mallorca during October, there is always a festival or other reason to celebrate. Popular events in Mallorca in October include the Dia de la Hispanidad on October 12, the Festa dies Butifarro on the third Sunday in October and the Festa de Virgin on October 21. The Dia de la Hispanidad celebrates Christopher Colombus’ discovery of the Americas. Festa dies Butifarro is all about eating delicious Spanish sausages, it takes place in Sant Joan in Mallorca. Finally, the Festa de Virgin includes singing, dancing and traditional Spanish food.


What to pack for a holiday in Mallorca in October

A raincoat is an essential item to pack for those heading to Mallorca in October. The sunny days in between the thunderstorms are great beach days and so beachwear and sunglasses are vital. The weather during October in Mallorca is unpredictable so it is best to pack a variety of items. Warm clothing for the cooler days, cool clothing for the warmer days and a light raincoat that can be whipped out when the rain starts are all important for those visiting Mallorca in October.