Weather in Mexico in January

Is January a good time to visit Mexico?

Although this is the dry season across most of Mexico, January is also the coolest season, but that certainly does not mean cold! Cancun, on the Caribbean coast, has an average temperature of 27°C (80°F) during January, and on the Pacific Coast (Puerta Vallarta) the weather is only a few degrees cooler. In fact, January is relatively warm everywhere in Mexico, depending on the altitude, although this is the middle of winter. The temperature may well drop by several degrees at night, and inland regions are colder than the coast.

Climate in Mexico in January

The average maximum temperature for Mexico in January is 23°C (73.4°F), but bear in mind this is a statistical average across the various regions and different topographical areas. However this does give some indication of the fact that Mexico is warm in most of its parts, especially the coastal areas, during January. There is also little or no rain, from Cancun to Acapulco, Chihuahua to Mexico City and Tijuana to  Veracruz, for this is the second driest month of the year (next to February) for the whole of Mexico.

What’s on in Mexico in January

One of Mexico’s most important cultural festivals is the Fiesta Grande in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, between 8th and 23rd January. Religious processions, dancing in the streets and revelry of all kinds pays homage to a set of feast days, recognised as a traditional cultural occasion by UNESCO.

What to pack for a holiday in Mexico in January

Although the weather is mostly mild to warm across Mexico in January, it is wise to come prepared for cooler days – and the nights may well be chilly too. On the coast you will make use of your beachwear; shorts and t-shirts should be fine for during the day. After dark, and for inland destinations, layer up with some jumpers and a light jacket. Wherever you go in Mexico in January sunscreen is a good idea, because the sun is relentless at this time of year, even if the air feels cool.