Weather in Seychelles in May

Is May a good time to visit Seychelles?

During May in Seychelles the the south-east trade winds begin to blow, ushering in drier weather than during the preceding rainy season, and there may be days you will need to find some protection from strong breezes on the beach. The heat is still prevalent, though, but humidity levels may be more bearable. This is the start of the season when the sea can be choppy and windsurfers and sailors have a heyday.


Climate in Seychelles in May

The south-easterly Indian Ocean trade winds bring a dry season to the Seychelles for the coming months, with May seeing the gradual turn-around of the seasons from wet to dry on the islands. Temperatures drop ever so slightly, to an average maximum of 29°C, with humidity levels hovering around 75%. There is still the threat of rain and grey skies, but only an average of 170mm is experienced during May, and you can still expect 8 hours of sunshine every day.


What to do in Seychelles in May

On calm days during May the sea is crystal clear, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving, but the incidence of wind is increasing as the seasons change and there is the chance of enjoying wave water sports. Yachtsmen make full use of the wind in late May to take part in the Seychelles Regatta, across eight days, when crews sail a semi-professional course around the islands. A deep-sea fishing competition usually takes place alongside the sailing races. Ashore, on the island of Mahé, the FetAfrik art festival takes place, celebrating a colourful expression of African and Creole culture.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in May

Swimsuits and sarongs are the main items of clothing required in the hot and humid Seychelles, with perhaps the addition of some loose, cool clothing for evenings and exploring the islands. A high factor sunblock is essential, particularly during May when wind may exacerbate the sunburn.