Weather in Seychelles in October

Is October a good time to visit Seychelles?

October is a blissful month to visit the Seychelles, although the “dry season” is drawing to a close and the rain belt is approaching from the north. October in the Seychelles is one of two transitional seasons (the other being April) when the trade winds are changing direction. The strong south-easterly winds that have characterized the preceding months have weakened considerably, but the monsoon rain-bearing north-westerlies have yet to arrive. The result is a series of hot, humid, balmy days when the resort hotels are pumping.


Climate in Seychelles in October

With temperatures hitting 30°C and above, little wind and unpredictable tropical rains which fall mostly at night, the Seychelles weather in October is well nigh perfect for beach bunnies. October in the Seychelles is a transitional month, when the trade winds are swinging from north-west to south-east, and therefore can be almost annotated “the eye of the storm” – although storms are rare in this tropical paradise close to the Equator, where weather extremes are virtually unkown. The Seychelles in October are hot, humid, calm and the sea temperature is almost as warm as the air, with great visibility, making it perfect conditions for divers and snorkelers.


What’s on in Seychelles in October

With conditions for diving and snorkeling being at their optimum during October in the Seychelles, it is hardly surprising that this is the month chosen for the Subios Annual Underwater Film and Image Festival. This fest, which makes the most of the crystalline waters and idyllic beaches of the islands, which have a marine environment as rich as the lush, tropical forests on land, is a well-entrenched international photo and video contest.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in October

What one needs to holiday in the Seychelles in October should fit into a backpack. Don’t forget your digital still and video camera (especially if you want to take part in the Subios Film and Image Festival) and sun protection. For the rest, a pair of shorts, itsy-bitsy bikini, and a couple of tee-shirts should suffice. Less is more on the hot, humid Seychelles in October!