Weather in Spain in November

Is November a good time to visit Spain?

Sunny Spain becomes chilly Spain as November arrives, with the exception of Andalucia which remains warm, rather than cool, and there is still a fair share of sunny days during the early part of the month. Elsewhere, though, temperatures plummet rather suddenly, especially inland, and in the Mediterranean areas winter rain becomes prevalent, so expect more grey days as the month progresses.


Climate in Spain in November

Malaga, in the heart of the Costa de Sol, experiences an average maximum temperature of 18°C during November, with 97mm of rain, and this is indicative of weather conditions along the Mediterranean coast of Spain for the month, as the days close in. November is a good time to go sightseeing in Madrid, however. Temperatures may be mild to moderate (average maximum 14°C) but it is a dry month in the capital and certainly more comfortable than the height of summer. In the north and north-west the weather can be frosty and is fairly consistently wet, with around 18 days out of the month experiencing rain.


What’s on in Spain in November

November kicks off with a Bank holiday – 1st November is All Saints Day and there will be special events in most towns and cities to mark the occasion. In Madrid a Jazz Festival occupies most of the month, while Benidorm has its own special November fiesta.The Madrid Art Fair takes place in the second half of the month and in Cadiz the Spanish Music Festival starts at the end of November, carrying through into December.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in November

A holiday in southern Spain in November will require a rain jacket, some medium-weight sweaters to shrug on over t-shirts, and for the optimistic, perhaps a swimsuit. In the capital, Madrid, and inland areas be prepared for changeable weather, but it is fairly certain a warm jacket will be required at times, and you can leave the shorts at home. Those headed for Bilbao and the northern climes will need an overcoat, umbrella and a jumper or two.