Weather in Tunisia in October

Is October a good time to visit Tunisia?

During the day in October Tunisia enjoys plenty of hot sunshine. The only sign that summer is on the wane along the Tunisian coast is a steep drop in temperatures overnight, and the increased possibility of rain showers as the winter wet season approaches. In general, though, October is an extremely pleasant month in Tunisia when the heat is more bearable than during searing  high summer weather, the sea is still warm enough to bathe in and the UV rays moderate rather than dangerously high.

Climate in Tunisia in October

The dry season in Tunisia’s Mediterranean region is drawing to an end by October. The month has an average rainfall of 55mm, with an average of six wet days. This still gives a high preponderance of sunny weather for the month, and out of the 11 hours of daylight an average of seven of them should be bathed in sunlight, so you are guaranteed a tan if you opt for a Tunisian holiday in October. 
When it comes to heat, Tunisia does not stint on temperatures during October. The average maximum for the month is 26°C (78.8°F), but most days are several degrees hotter than this. The cool, romantic nights are a different story, however – temperatures can drop to around 17°C (62.6°F), a pleasant respite from the day’s heat and not too chilly for a moonlit stroll.  

What to do in Tunisia in October  

Reserve your sunbed and enjoy the ambience. Try out some of the local restaurants, go shopping in the souks (you will have to haggle, which is all part of the fun), and take advantage of all the water sports offered at your resort. Take excursions to enjoy a camel ride, or view the ruins of ancient Carthage.  

What to pack for a holiday in Tunisia in October  

Your itsy-bitsy bikini will see good service in Tunisia in October – it is still hot and dry enough ensure you will need a good wardrobe of beachwear, and sun protection. For excursions and shopping, light-coloured, thin clothing will help you keep your cool in the heat of the day. At night-time it will feel chilly in contrast to the high daytime temperatures, so a light jacket or wrap will be welcome over your smart casual evening outfits.